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The Water System is Experiencing Downtime Until Tuesday

Normal System Operation

The board is actively attempting to resolve downtime due to unexpected electrical problems. In the mean time, we're attempting to truck in water in the meantime. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

2 Notices

  • Limited Water Usage Requested of Homeowners
    We ask of homeowners to limit water usage during this period. Please limit causes of excessive water usage, e.g sprinkler systems, showers, laundry and dishwashers.
  • Slight Risk of Water Contamination
    Due to prolonged depressurization, water samples will be or have been taken and tested to ensure there isn't any contamination. Please drink bottled water if you feel at risk. Infants, elderly, and immune compromised individuals are recommended to drink bottled or boiled water. Once testing is complete, we will share results in further status updates.
Chateaux Water Association is a non-profit that was formed in 1976 to provide water service to the residents of Caravelle Estates located in Hayden, Idaho.
Approximately 110 residents are served, and each member is an equal owner of the water system.